Create A Daily Social Media Strategy

If you’re looking to boost sales, traffic and engagement, you’ll need to put a plan in place. That’s where a daily social media checklist comes in handy.

Not only will it save you time, but will ensure you consistently follow a process of daily to-dos.

Below is a list of to-dos to help you greatly grow your social media engagement.


Google Plus

  • Share to Google+ 1 time per day – 1 new article and 1 1 evergreen.
  • Share your content in specific communities.
  • +1 anyone that’s made a comment on your posts from the previous day.
  • Comment back with appropriate response.


  • Pin 5 images per day. A mix of your content and other people’s.
  • Like 5 posts per day.
  • Repin 5 images per day.
  • Pin to group boards for added exposure.
  • Update boards or titles that need to be optimized.


  • Create a new video from blog content.
  • Clean up your descriptions, add keywords, your URL and tags to older videos.


  • Post 2-3 times per day – a mix of blog posts, top tips, inspirational/funny and relatable posts.
  • Share an Instagram story.
  • Like one post from everyone that has liked your content.
  • Search popular hashtags to find new people to follow.
  • Comment on other people’s posts (your top influencers).
  • Send direct messages to anyone you’d like to personally connect with.


  • Check incoming messages and respond to any that are important.
  • Approve all invitations to connect that are a benefit and make sense to you and your brand.
  • Share a relevant industry article our your latest blog post to your profile.
  • Share relevant content in 2-3 industry-specific groups.
  • Like and comment on 3 pieces of content within your feed.
  • Check to see who has viewed your profile (search for potential prospects).
  • Go to notifications and reply/thank to those interacting with your content.


  • Monitor mentions via keywords and respond to any questions, concerns or needs.
  • Make 10 high-value connections with the help of Twitter Advanced Search.
  • Schedule 4 posts to share throughout the day.
  • Thank 5 new followers.
  • Thank people retweeting your content.
  • Use keywords to find and engage with potential customers.
  • Schedule any new blog content with a frequency of 5 times throughout the first day of launch.


  • Reply to all comments.
  • Thank anyone that has shared your content.
  • Like and comment on 4-5 relevant Page updates.
  • Share relevant content to niche-specific groups.
  • If you’re running Facebook Ads, view your stats and make necessary adjustments.
  • Like relevant business pages and start engaging!!


MRJ Consulting is a social media consulting firm.

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